AUTOMATION GUILD 2021Feb 10, 2021

Data Driven Testing - Increasing Test Coverage and Reducing Test Code

Spoke about scaling your test automation using the data-driven technique in test automation. Used 3 popular frameworks (Cypress, WebdriverIO, NightwatchJS) to demonstrate that you only need to understand the concept because it can be achieved in any automation project.

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STAREAST 2022Apr 28, 2022

Improve Test Maintenance and Coverage with Data-Driven Testing

Imagine this... You are an automation engineer and you are tasked to automate a workflow in an application that has multiple entry points for different inputs. What is the most efficient way you could ensure that you have all the test coverage that is needed per permutation and that you will be able to easily manage the test data? We know that maintaining test data for automation can be tedious and creating different test cases using different types of test data can be time-consuming. These issues can be solved by separating test data from test scripts. Whether you're a beginner or senior automation engineer, understanding the benefits (and drawbacks) of using data to drive testing can help you save lots of time during test creation and coverage. In this talk, I'll explain the Data-Driven testing approach, how you can leverage it in your test automation, and how you can get started with a data source that works for you. You will learn how to spot tasks that should use this technique, how to prepare test and validation data in one file/data set, how to structure your test code, and what data sources to use in your project.

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